The Return of Depression Economics – Paul Krugman

January 21, 2024
Krugman lays bare the 2008 financial crisis—the greatest since the 1930s—tracing it to the failure of regulation to keep pace with an out-of-control financial system. He also tells us how to contain the crisis and turn around a world economy sliding into a deep recession.

España – Giles Tremlett

January 13, 2024
In España, Giles Tremlett swiftly traces every stretch of Spain's history to argue that a lack of a homogenous identity is Spain's defining trait.

Mozambique’s Samora Machel – Allen and Barbara Isaacman

February 27, 2021
Allen and Barbara Isaacman tell the story of one of Africa's fiercest anti-colonial fighters, Samora Machel. They recount how Mozambique's experience of Portuguese colonialism shaped the political and intellectual development of a young man who fought to rid his country of exploitation and establish a free, just and equal society.

Washington Bullets – Vijay Prashad

December 28, 2020
Washington Bullets is about the bullets sent by architects of U.S. imperialism—the nation’s political and economic elites—to crush revolutions, assassinate democratically elected leaders, and to destroy hope.

The Loss of Hindustan – Manan Ahmed Asif

December 1, 2020
Manan Ahmed Asif has written a book of great importance for the understanding of present-day communalism in India. He documents how the unified multicultural political identity of Hindustan was lost through colonial interpretations of the past which still dominate our understanding of Hindu-Muslim relations.

Afropean – Johny Pitts

August 4, 2020
Johny Pitts travels the Continent to uncover its African communities carving spaces for their identities within broader national European ones. It is a documentary, bottom-up, look at spaces Afropeans inhabit with a blend of observation and history that produces a revealing narrative.
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