Afropean – Johny Pitts

Johny Pitts travels the Continent to uncover its African communities carving spaces for their identities within broader national European ones. It is a documentary, bottom-up, look at spaces Afropeans inhabit with a blend of observation and history that produces a revealing narrative.

Capitalism, Alone – Branko Milanovic

Milanovic divides capitalism into two administrative regimes – the liberal meritocratic and the political, one represented by the US, the other by China. He analyzes features and forces that generate inequalities within them and tries to address the question of where capitalism itself is headed.

Pomor i Strah – Vule Žurić

U ovom istorijskom romanu, Žurić opisuje epidemiju kuge u Irigu krajem osamnestog veka i način na koji se ona suzbila. Priča takođe ukazuje na odnose moćne imperije prema jednom od potlačenih naroda koji je sačinjava.

Gandhi – Kathryn Tidrick

Kathryn Tidrick outlines the origins of Gandhi’s ideas and how they guided his political actions. Her account flies in the face of much hagiographic Gandhiana and shatters the myth that arose after Gandhi’s death, revealing the more obscure aspects of his life and ideology.