Alpha City – Rowland Atkinson

The City is the epicentre of the world’s financial markets, an elite cultural hub, and a place to hide one’s wealth. Rowland Atkinson tells the story of eager developers, sovereign wealth, and grasping politicians, all of which paved the way for the plutocratic colonisation of the cityscape.


Street Fighting Years – Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali recounts a counter-history of the '60s rocked by the Prague Spring, student protests on the streets of Europe and America, the effects of the Vietnam war, and the aftermath of the revolutionary insurgencies led by Che Guevara. He takes us from Paris and Prague to Hanoi and Bolivia.


A Man and a Motorcycle – Bette Dam

With a secondhand motorcycle, the support of a few loyal tribesmen and the CIA, Hamid Karzai willed himself to power in post Taliban Afghanistan in 2001. Bette Dam chronicles the astonishing rise of Hamid Karzai from relative obscurity to presidency, revealing political opportunism at its finest.

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